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I've been coaching clients since February 2015 and have helped them reach their personal goals, to become fitter and healthier. The right mindset is key and through daily communication, we can effectively take small steps each day and create lasting results. Via coaching calls, we can clarify your goals and next steps and find answers to all your questions and thoughts.

As a coach, I work on several life areas of a client and am truly interested in building a long-term relationship. Helping you become more productive by getting up early, become healthier by choosing the right foods and exercising more or Minimalism are my areas of expertise. It's quite a responsibility, but the put in work is worth it. With my therapeutical and psychological background, personal experiences and my ongoing self-studies, I work with compassion and empathy and understand the power of habits and mindsets. For most cases, I can totally relate to problems people are facing. No-one says it's easy to get started and build a new habit. It can surely be a progress of several months, if not, years. I'd always encourage you to take small steps every day and if you get overwhelmed, just do one small thing - the rest will take its course.


As your accountability coach, I will guide and motivate you daily to achieve your goals. We differentiate between long-term and short-term goals. By achieving the short-term goals you build momentum, become more positive and sooner or later you reach your long-term goal.

»The key is that you need to share your experiences and feelings with your coach. Remember that you need to do more work on your goals than the coach because it's your goal and it's you who's trying to improve! When you do share, you're giving the coach the opportunity to personalize their advice and notice places where you might be limiting your own progress. Check in on your goal each day, share your progress with your coach, and keep an open and willing mind when they make suggestions.« -

Is it for you?

My coaching is perfect for you, if

  • you want to feel better, healthier, more productive or fitter and are willing to actively do the necessary changes
  • you want to improve in those following topics: Productivity, minimalism, personal development, fitness or nutrition
  • you don't know yet, which goals you should pursue
  • you know exactly what you want to achieve and need the external help and partner
  • you already have an exercise or diet plan, but need the external help and daily mental support
  • you already have a morning routine and want the external help to motivate you daily and hold you accountable
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Serey helped me to wake up early. I struggled waking up early for as long as I can remember. With Serey's help and accountability, I have been able to wake up consistently for the first time that I can remember. Thank you.


Coaching with Serey was extremely helpful [...]. I liked how I always felt that I kept progressing, even though it seemed like there was nothing left to do! [...] Today I can wake up at 7:30 AM normally. Again, many thanks Serey!


Serey shares excellent advice about waking up early and her coaching technique adapts to your personality. For me, I needed to wake up at 6am daily and didn't want to work my way incrementally. Serey supported my goal and shared her tips to achieve this. Thanks to her, I have added an extra 21 hours to my week!


I wanted to eat cleaner, feel healthier and lose weight so I hired Serey as my coach. Fast forward 5 weeks, I’ve lost 6 pounds, cook at home more, resist sweets like it’s my job, and feel amazing! Serey really listened to what my goals were, and helped me figure out how I can reach them. She checks in with me daily, offers insightful advice (recipes, social strategies), and is always super encouraging! I highly recommend her as your coach!


Serey is a great coach! She is consistent, thoughtful and adapts to your needs. I worked with her on getting up early and quickly realized that waking up on time is a byproduct of several other factors including: bedtime, scheduling your day, awareness for where your time escapes, setting realistic expectations, holding yourself accountable... and on and on. She has the resources and advice to help you get down and up on time and make the most of you day.


Happy Bootcamps is an intense HIIT workout with like-minded people of all age and fitness levels, who have fun working out in nature and meet new friends. Together we will push you to your limits, go beyond and you will become mentally and physically stronger, fitter and healthier. If you have kids, bring them along! Everyone is welcome! Just register for free at

With Happy Bootcamps I want to motivate people to achieve their goals of becoming fit, healthy and happy by exercising together each week for about one hour and doing our best! After that we can enjoy some Tea/Coffee or Breakfast together, connect and make new friends.

"Every minute, 73 people die of cancer or cardiovascular diseases and over 50 % can be preventable by such simple measures like right diet and exercise. Our goal is to make 1 billion people active within the next years but we need your help. Governments don't change the world, people do and today it is your chance to make a difference, so join us and help us to make the impossible a reality.

For more Info on worldwide events visit the website or join our Facebook Group for news, updates, pics, and videos.

Music therapy

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent"- Victor Hugo

What is Music therapy?

Music therapy is the systematic use of music within a therapeutic relationship which aims at restoring, maintaining and furthering emotional, physical and mental health.

Music therapy is a practice-oriented scientific discipline which is closely connected to other scientific disciplines, especially medicine, social sciences, psychology, musicology, and pedagogy.

»Music therapy« is an overarching term for different music therapy concepts, which are psychotherapeutic in nature, in contrast to pharmacological and physical therapies.

Different music therapy methods are respectively based on different psychological, psychotherapeutic or philosophical traditions, such as depth psychology, behaviorism, systemic, anthroposophical or holistic-humanistic approaches.

Source: „Thesen zur Musiktherapie“ Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft (BAG) Musiktherapie in Deutschland, 1998


10/2013 — 03/2017
Music therapy (Bachelor of Arts)
SRH University Heidelberg

DMtG and Volunteer work

2014 — today
Member of »Deutschen Musiktherapeutischen Gesellschaft« (DMtG)

2017 — today
Online Admin at DMtG

2014 — 2017
Student Representative at DMtG

Student Placements

10/2016 — 03/2017
Music Therapy assistent
SRH Campus Ambulance

07/2016 — 10/2016
Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg
pediatric oncology, neurology, metabolic ward

04/2016 — 06/2016
Royal Hospital London
Neurological Rehabilitation

01/2015 — 03/2015
Charité Berlin
Adults - Psychosomatic Clinic

10/2014 — 12/2014
DRK Kliniken Westend Berlin
Children- and Adolescent Psychiatry

Other experiences

Guitar Teacher

Music in Kindergarten

About me

I'm glad, you're visiting my new website. I am a certified digital coach and Music Therapist (B.A). I have coached over 100 clients in achieving their goals of building habits for a healthy balanced lifestyle. As a Happy Bootcamps Coach, I host weekly intense outdoor workouts to connect like-minded people and have fun exercising together.

I lived in Cologne (born there), New Jersey, London and Heidelberg and am now located in Berlin.

I continuously strive to improve myself personally and professionally and am open to new perspectives and different mindsets. I love exercising, enjoy good food and always wanted to work with people. Over the years I've also noticed that it's very important to take care of oneself. As early as in my teens I have started blogging, made music and have been interested in Photography and Videography. I'm very grateful to be able to do those things in my freelance work and through my Youtube-Channel and am looking forward to what's coming next.

My vision is to help as many people investing in their physical and mental health, to prevent later diseases and have a fulfilled, healthy life. I want to encourage you to proactively choose your habits and thoughts to create a life you desire.

I believe that every person decides for his everyday life and can take actions to live the life one wants to live.

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