1. January 2015


I just have to say wow.

2014 has been incredibly awesome. I love being in my 20ies. Hehe..

Looking back 2014 I can say that it has been pretty much a year of growing, traveling through Europe, learning more about my studies and the field musictherapy, experiencing new adventures, getting to know and love some amazing people and for sure learning more about how to treat myself and the environment better.

Pretty much every month I explored at least another city in Europe. It was so great to meet a friend from America in Amsterdam, amazing music therapy students in Poland, my best friends in their study cities, some incredible music therapist from all around the world and surely travelling via Interrail all the way from Paris through Barcelona, Switzerland, Austria to South Italy and meeting more people, who were absolutely nice, welcoming and lovely that I just have to say Thank You! I moved to Berlin for my internship in October. Me, first time living right inside a big city. Thanks to those people who made it possible! I’m so grateful for knowing some amazing people in my life. Some I met years ago, some in my year abroad and some just this year and I already know: You. Are. Amazing. Thank you!

At some times it has been also pretty stressfull for me, since I started to have 2-3 jobs at a time.They were all great and I do appreciate all the experiences I made. They proved me that I’m studying the right thing. Being a babysitter, a nanny and working in a school either as a tutor or helping out in the secretary, … I always learned something new, spent quality time with people and made experiences, while studying – an amazing subject called music therapy. I am so happy I made this decision and never regretted it, not even for a millisecond! I met wonderful, warmhearted people in my studies, who have the same aim as me – becoming a great music therapist! It was also great to meet those wonderful students from America, who came for such a short time. I miss you, you were amazing and I had a great time with you. I learned how amazing Germany actually is, because of it’s precious history concerning some famous composers 😉 Living in Berlin helped me finding out and learning more.

Thanks to a mutual friend I could visit and see the Berliner Philharmonics for several times and got even backstage views. I could visit so many concerts… Berlin is perfect for this.

Especially, 2014 was a year where I considered the food I was eating and totally changed my eating habits. I was crazy about nutrition, food, cooking and how to stay healthy and fit. I started running and swimming again. Doing exercises. I brought my homemade meals to school, eating 90% whole foods, more fruits, being mostly vegan, eating more raw, way less processed foods, wheat, refined sugar and the added chemicals, sadly almost of the average person eats on a daily basis. I read articles, watched movies, videos and did a lot of other research about food, our human body and our environment, Taking care of planet earth, our environment.

A lot happened in 2014. Impossible to mention everything. I want to say though, that I am grateful for everything that happened and everyone I met.

Now, a new year starts, I did my homework and will do a lot better than last year. I am still learning. I am happy. I am motivated. I am ready to do my best and try to know when to stop and relax.

Lots of love,

Serey ♥



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