2015 Review

31. January 2016

Hi people of the internet and all around the world,
all my lovely friends, my family and hey you!

Incredible that 2015 is over. Another year past. And I have to say – wow, that was awesome!
I had a few ups and downs, it hasen’t been easy, it hasen’t been boring, it has been challenging and thoughtful. I can tell that I grew a lot that year. I grew as a person (I’m still pretty short). And most notably I grew with a very special person on my side.

The beginning of the year wasn’t glorious. I was living in Berlin for anoher 3 months. I didn’t have enough money. I was about to go damn broke. I had only enough money left to pay the rent (which wasn’t a lot either, thanks to a friend!) and food to survive the month (which was 200€). And that happened to me while in Berlin! BERLIN! What a bummer …

Well, well, it was definitely a lesson. I learnt from my mistake. I gotta set my priorities right.

Though I had this problem going on in the first quarter of the year, I started exercising regulary. I went running 3 times a week and ran the 10k in Berlin and did it in 1 hour 1 minute. Hell yeah! That was awesome. It rained and I didn’t have proper running clothes. I wore some kind of leggings, t-shirt and a pink jacket. No excuses! Fortunately, I had running shoes, which were 4 years old already. Thanks to the person who gave them to me! I’m not forgetting it 🙂
I also started doing squats and pushups regulary. I’ve never really stuck to a training or program. I’ve been doing stuff by myself. I did some home work outs with youtube videos. But how often has it been? Semi-regularly.

In the end of 2014 I downloaded the app and started tracking my workouts and habits. Girl (sorry if you’re a dude), that has been so helpful! I did so well, I became a coach. And here it goes on!
I got my first clients, I could help them, they could help me – it was wonderful and all about sharing and learning.

From April on it has been quite stressful. I’ve been working 3 jobs (including coaching), volunteering for the German Association for music therapy (DMtG) and not to forget: I am a full-time student.
I have a lot of goals (though they might not be so clear to me) and a lot of interests.
So where to start?

One thing I did which has been tremendously helpful for me as well:
I deleted facebook on my mobile devices. – Productivity boost, I’m telling you.

I had so much more time for myself. I read a lot of books.
I read:
Skinny Bitch – Januar 2015
Rich dad poor dad – Februar 2015
China Study – März 2015
Diet Cults – März 2015
Choose yourself – Mai 2015

Dann bin ich eben weg – Juni 2015
Der verlorene Blick – Juni 2015
Harry Potter I – März 2015
Harry Potter II – August 2015
Harry Potter III – August 2015
Harry Potter IV – September
Harry Potter V – Oktober
Harry Potter VI – Novemer
Harry Potter VII – Dezember

Reading was a passion of mine when I was younger. I read a lot until I was about 15 years old. Until I stopped. Totally. I remember my doctor telling me, as my eye sight got worse and worse every year: I’ve been reading too many books. …

Like whaaat?
What a traumatising sentence to say to a young girl.
Since then, I never read more than what was necessary.

BUUUT, this was going to change. My lovely boyfriend, who is so super considerate, heard my wishes and gave me TWO books for christmas in 2014. YEEEES. BOOOOOKS!
So the reading started 😉

Also, I continued appyling for scholarships. I’m in a private college and already have a student loan, as my parents cannot support me with all their hard earned money (though they do with all their support and love!). For two years I’ve been sending out applications. They always turned me down. Sure, it didn’t feel good. But I didn’t give up! I’ll try until I have one! And this year, it became reality. The moment I opened my email and saw the letter from the school was a moment of being totally perplexed. It took me days and weeks to realize that my suffering with money ended (kind of). I got a scholarship. Boo-ya!

There is also something else special about 2015:
I spent that year completely 100% alcohol free. Not even a single drop passed my liver (or tongue, or whatever…).
It was sometimes a little bit challenging but I stuck to my goal and my goal was clear: No alcohol in 2015.
I was never used to drinking a huge amount of alcohol. So, since my boyfriend is sober all this time too, why not give it a try as well?
I had to say no quite a lot. People or friends would look at me weirdly or wouldn’t understand – or they couldn’t do it themselves?

Last but not least, the first full year with my boyfriend.
Though we started off with a long distance relationship, I have the feeling he was always there 🙂
Thanks to my loving boyfriend. Without him I wouldn’t have gone this far and I would have never changed the way I change last year!

I am happy, I am grateful.

I look forward to 2016!



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