Review 2017

31. December 2017

Another 12 months have past and it’s time to take some time to pause and reflect on the year 2017. I’ve got a few questions (from she-preneur) and answered them as follows.

What have I achieved in 2017?

I have successfully completed my music therapy studies.
In April, I moved to Simon in Berlin.
In Mai, I started Happy Bootcamps in Berlin.
In Juli, I went to Japan with Simon and also visited the World Congress for Music Therapy. I got to meet and talk to many great music therapists.
I created my Patreonage and a Teaser for the video „What is Music Therapy?“.
I published my new Website this Summer.
In September, I went on a Fun+Fitness Holiday on Lanzerote and have lost fat and gained muscles (got toned).
In November, I published a new article on Better Humans/Mediums.
I have published 20 Videos on Youtube.
I posted 45 Pictures/Videos on Instagram.
I have created my facebook page
I have started on three new jobs (MICADO, Babysitter, Dojo) and have given my first Social Media Workshop (August).
I have spent 40 hours in peace and mindfulness in the biggest buddhist center in Europe.

Oh and I got engaged to a wonderful man and had a bigger-than-expected engagement party at my parents place ❤

What did I want to achieve but didn’t?

I wanted to start a documentary for music therapy. I wanted to go all-in, find a production team, do crowd-funding.
In early summer I started uploading weekly youtube videos. I ended up uploading only once a month after a while and didn’t upload a single video in December.
I did Instastories every day – except December.

Why didn’t I achieve it? What hindered me?

After my graduation and the moving, I clearly noticed that I need to slow down. I took about 3 months to relax, regain my energy and have time for myself. I very much enjoyed not traveling and staying just in one city (Berlin) – so, I didn’t work on the documentary. Also, I went on a huge and amazing Japan trip which I’ll never forget – the money was low afterward and I focused on just earning enough to get by. The little money led me to a decreasing motivation and a fear and I felt paralysed to work on my own projects. I didn’t know what to do and whether I’ll have enough money for the coming month. It may sound dramatic – I don’t like to have a deficit on my bank account, still I borrowed money from my significant other.

What were your biggest disappointments and/or challenges?

The year 2017 ended in many thoughts about my financial situation. How could I earn money, what could I do that would be also fulfilling? In August, I knew, that if I didn’t find a job that earns me the money I need, I’d have a problem. Eventually, I decided to apply for music therapy jobs which I refused to do earlier, but got several rejections or no replies – because I have no work experience?

What would I have to do in the new year to not be hindered by disappointments and challenges? What are my learnings?

I will take care of myself in all areas of life: emotional, physical, mental, financial and social. I try to look forward, anticipate and take small steps every day. I focus on less stuff, ideally on the one thing and try to become really good at it – I still have to find the one thing and maybe it’ll take more time. I just do it and let the universe play its role. I have faith in me going my own way and that everything happens for a reason. I have learned a lot this year – more about mindfulness, self-efficacy, pro-activity, forgiveness, inner peace and the importance of inter-personal relationships.

I want to thank all the people I was able to spend time with in 2017, the ones I was able to share thoughts and experiences with or the ones I newly met and the ones who supported me along my way of personal and professional growth.

I wish all of you a wonderful new year. Let’s take our dreams and turn them into goals and may health be with us along the way.



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